A new way of metal beveling and rounding for the metal industry

With Beveltools your company will be ready for the future

Beveling and finishing metal faster, cheaper, and more precise? The revolutionary concept of the Beveltools will turn the world upside down. Take a moment to get acquainted with Beveltools and find out the secret.

The current methods for weld preparation, rounding and beveling are physically demanding, inaccurate and time-consuming. It should be possible to do this differently…

That is why Beveltools has developed two compact and ergonomic concepts, Bevel Mite® and Bevel Mate®. They make weld preparation, beveling and rounding metal easier, faster, more accurate and cheaper.


2013 was an exciting year. An American-Korean inventers duo developed a revolutionary new cutter that will apply new standards in the market for beveling metal. Entrepreneur Jan Enno Hofman saw the quality and the innovative application of the products therefore developed the company Beveltools.

Why we keep developing

The current team of specialists is constantly working to develop new solutions for beveling metal easier, faster, cheaper and more accurate than the daily struggles encountered in the current bevel process. Our motive is to provide tools so a perfect end result can be achieved at the lowest cost, in the shortest time.

The benefits of Beveltools

  • The revolutionary design offers a quick, easy and perfect bevel or radius edge.
  • Create a perfect result immediately, without finishing or polishing afterwards.
  • Virtually no resistance by the helical cutting edges.
  • You can change cutter in seconds because they consist of a single unit.
  • Bevel in small spaces by the compact beveling machines that can be brought to the work piece.
  • Hardly any sparks or vibrations, no harmful dust particles.

Our Beveling Machines

beveling metal chamfering machine

The powerful, ergonomic Bevel Mate® concept is highly suitable for more heavy-duty machining and larger projects that require a lot of beveling or rounding. With the Bevel Mate® you can make bevel edges in various angles up to a depth of ½” and you can round up to radius 8 mm.

 Learn more about the Bevel Mate® cutters and machines

The Bevel Mite® concept is compact and lightweight. Specially designed for quick beveling and rounding of sheets, holes and smaller workpieces. With the Bevel Mite® you can make beveled edges up to a depth of ¼” in various angles and rounded edges up to radius 4mm.

 Learn more about the Bevel Mite® cutters and machines

Bevel tools

We proudly present our INOX platform: the first ever hand tools on the market for reworking stainless steel edges. They are available in different shapes and sizes: electric, pneumatic, for smaller and larger projects. This way, you will always find the perfect solution for your project.

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