About Beveltools

A new way of chamfering and rounding in the metalworking industry!

Equip your company for the future with Beveltools

Revolutionizing the landscape of metal beveling and finishing, Beveltools presents a paradigm shift that promises swifter, more cost-effective, and precision-focused solutions.

Conventional methods of weld preparation, rounding, and beveling pose physical strains, lack accuracy, and consume time. There’s room for a transformative approach…

Discover the Bevel Mite® and Bevel Mate® machines and cutters – two streamlined and ergonomic concepts meticulously crafted by Beveltools. These concepts redefine the narrative, making weld preparation, beveling, and rounding metal effortless, rapid, highly precise, and economically efficient.


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The benefits of Beveltools

  • Swift and Effortless Beveling: Experience the swiftness of our revolutionary design, delivering flawless bevels and radius edges effortlessly.
  • Instant Perfection: Attain impeccable results without the need for subsequent finishing or polishing.
  • Effortless Precision: The helical cutting edges ensure minimal resistance, guaranteeing a smooth beveling experience.
  • Rapid Cutter Changes: Swap cutters in mere seconds as they come in a unified unit design.
  • Compact Versatility: Our compact beveling machines can be conveniently brought to the workpiece, enabling beveling in tight spaces.
  • Spark-Free, Vibrant-Free, Dust-Free: Enjoy the process without sparks, vibrations, or harmful dust particles.

About the products

Discover the Bevel Mate® Concept

Designed for robust machining and extensive projects demanding substantial beveling or rounding, the Bevel Mate® concept combines power with ergonomic excellence. You can achieve beveled edges at diverse angles up to ½” (12 mm) in depth and craft radii up to 8 mm with ease.

Discover the Bevel Mite® concept

Crafted with compactness and lightness in mind, the Bevel Mite® concept is tailored for swift beveling and rounding of sheets, holes, and smaller workpieces. This innovation empowers you to create beveled edges at diverse angles, reaching depths of up to ¼” (6 mm), and craft rounded edges with radii of up to 4 mm.

Discover the INOX Series

We take pride in introducing the groundbreaking INOX platform – the industry’s inaugural hand tools engineered specifically for refining stainless steel edges. These tools come in a range of shapes and sizes, spanning electric and pneumatic variants, tailored for both compact and extensive projects.

Discover the bevel heads

All Beveltools machines are used with special bevel heads. These metal cutters are made out of one piece and due to its unique shape, you can bevel or round metal very easy and in one pass.