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Frequently asked questions


Look here for the total overview of points of sale. In countries where no direct sales point is available, the products are delivered from the Netherlands.

There are 4 main main reasons for choosing Beveltools:

• The consistent and even quality of the end result
• The speed with which an angle or radius can be made to the metal, without the need for post-processing
• The reduction of costs
• The better working conditions because the machines are light in use and virtually vibration-free. No harmful dust particles and/or combustion gases are released because the chipped material is large and heavy so it falls directly to the ground.

Basically, we have all products in stock, so orders can be delivered immediately. The exact delivery time depends on a number of factors:

• New or existing customer
• EU or outside the EU
• Terms of payment

The Beveltools concepts immediately give a perfect end result, of high quality, so that post-processing is unnecessary.

Indeed, with Beveltools’ concepts, you can both round and chamfer. The milling head determines the application of the machine.

Our R&D department is working daily to further develop the Beveltools range. If you are looking for another application than mentioned on our website, please send us a message with your application. Together we will see if we can develop a suitable solution.

Request your demonstration at your location or at Beveltools office here.

Beveltools machines

The recommended depth depends on the metal to be edged, averaging 2-6 mm per run. The softer the metal, the deeper it can be beveled in 1 run.

S235 – 4-5 mm
>S355 – 2-4 mm
INOX – 2-3 mm
ALU – 4-6 mm

The Beveltools concepts have been developed for chamfering and rounding various types of metal. Currently, a wide range of metal types can be machined.

The entire Beveltools machine is guaranteed for 12 months. Wear parts are excluded from warranty, as well as damage to the machine due to improper use.

Yes, Beveltools always recommends the use of hearing, face and hand protection.

Rounding holes, between 5/8” – 7/8” (16 – 22 mm):

Beveltools bevel heads

No, the milling heads and machines of the different concepts are not interchangeable.

Currently, a wide range of metal types can be machined. The steel cutter (STL) is suitable for the most common types of steel, such as S235. The premium cutter (PRE) is suitable for the stronger structural steel and plasma/laser cut steel. The aluminum cutter (ALU) is perfect for use on non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, and harder plastics.

Be sure to use the correct router head for the type of metal being machined to achieve a flawless end result.

Experience figures show that with the cutters, if used carefully and correctly, 100 to 140 meters can be beveled with one cutter head. when rounding off, 120 to 200 meters can be achieved with one cutter head.

Beveltools recommends not sharpening the cutter heads for reuse.

To choose the right router head, you can go through the following steps:

• Determine the total distance to be milled.
For shorter distances or for milling in small openings/holes, the Bevel Mite® concept is best suited. For longer distances, the Bevel Mate® concept is the best Beveltools solution.
• Determine the application; angle or radius/ chamfer or rounding.
When choosing a milling head, also consider the position of the machine in relation to the material. For example: an end milling operation with a 30° milling head, gives a 60° chamfer to the metal.
• Determine the milling depth required.
The Bevel Mite concept® is designed for a maximum depth of 6 mm. A depth of up to 12 mm can be achieved with the Bevel Mate® concept.
• Determine the material to be machined.