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Mezodo has various machinery and produces all kinds of steel constructions for its customers, from individual parts to complete agricultural machinery.

In many cases it is important to remove sharp edges and burrs from the workpieces; for safety but also for better adhesion of coating on the edges. Mezodo uses Bevel Mate® EBA-12 with R6 and R8 cutters to create the rounded edges. Henk Nijland, production planner at Mezodo, explains why they chose Beveltools: “in the past, to make large radii, we first used a nibbler to make a bevel. Then we took an angle grinder to round those edges. This method worked reasonably well, but it was physically demanding and very time-consuming. Besides, it costed me a lot of grinding discs. That’s why we started looking for a different method. Searching the Internet, we came across Beveltools.”

The benefits quickly became clear during the demonstration: rounding with Beveltools ensures perfect results and saves a lot of time. “The great thing about the Beveltools concept is that you can round many feet in a row with one single radius cutter. Fortunately, we no longer need the two heavy machines and grinding discs. In addition to the easy usage, it also saves me a lot of working hours because now I immediately get the desired end result. In the past, one of my employees sometimes spent an entire day making rounded edges, now it takes him only half a day to finish the job and he has time to take on other work”, says Henk.


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The powerful, ergonomic Bevel Mate® concept is highly suitable for more heavy-duty machining and larger projects that require a lot of beveling or rounding. With Bevel Mate® you can make bevels in various angles up to a depth of ½” and you can round off up to radius 8 mm.
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The Bevel Mite® concept is compact and lightweight. Specially designed for quick beveling and rounding of sheets, pipes and holes. With Bevel Mite® you can make beveled edges up to a depth of ¼” in various angles and rounded edges up to radius 4 mm.
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