MF Emmen says:

“Using the Bevel Mate or Mite® for beveling works beautifully, but for us, its real strength lies in creating radii on metal. The amount of time saved is huge.”

MF Emmen regularly works on a challenging projects involving adding various radii of 2, 3, and 5 mm, which is essential for the client. The end products are industrial contructions that are built a way range of industries, from energy to food.

MF Emmen shares some details about their methods. Applying these radii is a precise process crucial for the product's quality. Previously, these tasks were done using a grinding tool and other hand tools, a time-consuming process requiring a lot of rework. Now, however, they use the Bevel Mite and Bevel Mate.

The difference is substantial: where they used to spend many hours applying curves to metal edges, Beveltools has already saved them about 40 hours on this project. This is a significant time saving, especially for large projects. More projects involving radius 2 roundings are on the horizon.

For welding preparation, they use other tools such as a CNC machine and a nibbler. This has greatly accelerated the process and drastically reduced rework. However, not everyone has access to a CNC machine, and it can be a significant investment.

MF Emmen works on projects involving more than ten people, where the Bevel Mate and Mite are perfect additions to their workflow. All of this shows that MF Emmen is constantly looking for ways to improve their processes and better serve their clients.