Bevel Mate®

Apply a bevel or radius on metal. Fast and easy.

Powerful tools to make a beveled edge or radius on metal

In short, the Bevel Mate® concept is the best choice for heavy-duty beveling (up to 12 mm). Not only for the user, but also for direct colleagues, project managers, purchasers, directors and owners. With the Bevel Mate® concept, your company will be ready for the future.

Reasons to use the Bevel Mate® machines

Discover the three types of machines

Bevel Mate® EBA 3.0

This is the latest version of the Bevel Mate® EBA electrical machine. The machine is powerful enough to complete beveling work up to 12 mm and also suitable for all radii up to 8 mm. This makes this machine an absolute all-rounder. The machine is practically free from vibration during use. Wide choice of cutters that fit the EBA 3.0, both 8 mm and 12 mm.

Bevel Mate® ABA 3.0

This Bevel Mate® pneumatic machine replaces the ABA-12. Not only is this new ABA 3.0 2 kg lighter, but it also delivers more power than its predecessor due to the ‘active governor’ that adapts power and power to demand. The machine is made in Europe and requires little maintenance. There is a wide choice of cutters to fit the ABA 3.0. Both 8 mm and 12 mm.

Bevel Mate® EBA INOX

The Bevel Mate® EBA INOX is specifically designed for use on stainless steel. The machine is perfect for heavy-duty beveling up to 8 mm depth, and for creating round edges up to radius 6 mm. This electric machine is compact and handheld, but powerful enough to effortlessly cut through strainless steel. Available in 230V and 120V version. For use on stainless steel, the rotation speed (RPM) of the INOX machine is reduced compared to the 3.0 machines.

Watch the videos to see how the beveling machines work on metal

The benefits of the Bevel Mate® concept

Rapid metal weld preparation, beveling, and rounding

Durable solid carbide bevel heads for extended service life

Ergonomic, lightweight handheld metal chamfering machines

Consistent and high quality results every time

Minimum physical effort – Reduced physical exertion

Enhanced safety and well-being at work

Eliminates concerns about Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS)

The best choice for beveling and rounding metal

Looking for lightweight, handheld machines to make a beveled edge or radius on construction steel, stainless steel and aluminum? Beveltools is here for you!

Various bevel heads

Special bevel heads are developed for the Bevel Mate® concept. Suitable for rounding, weld preparation and beveling of a wide range of metals.

Bevel head v3.0

For the stronger types of construction steel, plasma-/ laser cut steel, >S355

Bevel head Aluminum

For all non-ferrous metals but also on plastics such as polycarbonate, HDPE, LDPE, carbon composite et cetera

Bevel head INOX

For all stainless steel types like S304 and S316

Create extra stability by mounting the Bevel Mate® Guide on your machine

Discover the power of the Bevel Mate® Guide – the ideal attachment for your Bevel Mate® milling machine. Enhance stability during milling with the broad, POM guide blocks. Especially during prolonged machining tasks, the Bevel Mate® Guide provides the necessary additional stability and support.

In addition, the Bevel Mate® Guide is the perfect assistant when working with thinner sheet materials (< 2.5mm thick). The guide blocks take over the function of the guide bearing, which otherwise would extend beneath thinner sheet materials.

The Bevel Mate Guide is easy to assemble and fits perfectly on the flange head of the EBA 3.0, EBA INOX, and ABA 3.0 machines. Optimize your milling experience and achieve excellent results with the Bevel Mate® Guide.

Experience how it works!

Try our machines and bevel heads during a live demonstration. We will show you how the machines work and of course you can try it yourself!