Bevel Heads

Unique and patented bevel heads are the key to success.

Crafting the best beveled edges and radii on metal

The Beveltools bevel heads (or cutters) stand unmatched against any other available solution. Thanks to their distinctive patented geometric shape, these cutters effortlessly slice through metal. They handle laser or plasma cut edges with ease.



Create a bevel or radius in one pass

Unique shape

The Beveltools bevel heads (or cutters) stand unmatched against any other available solution. Their exceptional performance stems from a combination of groundbreaking design and innovative engineering. Crafted with a special, patented geometric shape, these cutters possess the ability to effortlessly slice through metal with unrivaled precision and efficiency. Unlike conventional methods that might struggle with certain edges, the Beveltools cutters rise above the challenge. Even the hardness of laser or plasma cut edges pose no problem for these extraordinary tools, consistently delivering impeccable results.

Consistent radius

Experience flawless precision with our radius cutters, meticulously designed for optimal geometry and precise cutting edge radii. These cutters guarantee impeccable and consistent results every step of the way, ensuring that the radius remains exactly the same from start to finish.

Beveltools goes the extra mile by offering customized cutters with varying geometries and coatings, specifically tailored for materials like stainless steel and aluminum.

The crafting process:

The cutters themselves emerge from what is known as a “blank”. This blank, crafted from specialized blends of carbide, features a meticulously shaped sintered base form. This form is tailored to minimize the removal of the exclusive and valuable carbide or carbide base material.

Following this initial shaping, the blanks undergo precision CNC grinding and meticulous finishing at our state-of-the-art production facilities. This grinding process is executed with meticulous accuracy, spanning anywhere from 20 to 50 minutes based on the cutter type. After undergoing rigorous quality control assessments, the cutters receive a distinctive coating. This coating imparts heightened durability and an enhanced smoothness to the cutters. Consequently, these attributes not only elevate cutting performance in terms of comfort and speed, but also significantly extend the overall tool lifespan.

Watch the video to see the bevel heads in action.

See how the bevel heads are used

Advantages of Beveltools' patented cutters compared to alternative solutions:

Beveltools cutters have the great advantage over sanding discs that the removed metal falls down as chips. Sanding discs blow the metal as fine dust into the workplace, this results in a bad and unhealthy working environment. With the Beveltools cutters you no longer have this issue.

Because the Beveltools cutters cut the metal, they produce much less noise than when working with sanding discs or insert machines. The latter have much less cutting action and chop the edge off more than they cut.

Cutting the Beveltools cutters also provides a minimal amount of vibration from the machine. Working with machines that provide a lot of vibration is bad for the health of the user (HAVS).

Because the cutters have many more cutting edges than a head with change plates, the cutters also last much longer. For example, with a radius 3mm-08-v3.0 router, you can mill over 300 meters on S355 in most cases. This results in a cost-effective price per meter for you, further bolstered by the reduced machine downtime associated with changing sanding discs or turning inserts.

The end result is demonstrably better than with sanding discs or inserts. After machining with a Beveltools cutter, finishing is almost never necessary. This also saves time and ultimately costs.

If you want to quickly switch between a 22.5° cutter and a 60° cutter, for example, this can be done within 35 seconds. Unlike other solutions, you do not need to make any adjustments to the machine. All you have to do is change the cutter itself. This too makes Beveltools solution unique.

Beveltools cutters, due to their cutting action, give the advantage that no heat is added to the material to be machined. Therefore, there is no chance of deformation of the sheet metal and there is no discoloration of the machined cutting edge.

Our cutters use very compact guide bearings which allow you to leave sheet metal as small as 10 mm on the surface while machining the edges.

It is possible to machine holes as small as 16 mm in diameter.

Bevel Mate® bevel heads

  • Choose a maximum working depth of 8 mm or 12 mm
  • 8 mm and 12 mm suitable for all BevelMate® machines
  • 4 Variants (STL/ALU/v3.0/INOX) for use on normal construction steel, aluminum, harder steels and stainless steels
  • Variants available for chamfering:
    15°, 22.5°, 30°, 37.5°, 45°, 52.5° and 60°
  • Variants available for rounding:
    2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 8mm

Bevel Mite® bevel heads

  • Always the same maximum working depth of 6mm
  • Suitable for all BevelMite® machines
  • 4 Variants (STL/ALU/v3.0/INOX) for use on normal construction steel, aluminum, harder steels and stainless steels
  • Variants available for chamfering:
    15°, 22.5°, 30°, 37.5°, 45°, 52.5° and 60°
  • Variants available for rounding:
    2mm, 3mm and 4mm

Choose the right bevel head for your job

A wide range of metal cutter heads

Version 3.0 bevel heads. Both the quality, fit and coating have been optimized in the 3.0 version, making them optimally suited for harder steels (such as S355) and laser / plasma cut edges. Due to the improvements applied, the tool life of this bevel head, especially in combination with the 3.0 machines, has increased by as much as 200% compared to the older STL series.

STL bevel heads can be used on standard structural steels such as S235. Due to the much higher demand and wider applicability of the version 3.0 bevel heads, the STL bevel heads will be phased out of the range.

Aluminum bevel heads can be used on all non-ferrous metals as well as plastics such as Polycarbonate, HDPE, LDPE, carbon composites and others. The ALU cutters are also ideally suited to work at high speeds (e.g. the ABIS-R).

INOX bevel heads Special bevel heads which, together with our new INOX machines, guarantee perfect and fast machining of stainless steel.

Bevel head type S235 >S355 Plasma/laser cut steel INOX 304/316 Non-ferrous metals
STL bevel head
Bevel head 3.0
Aluminum bevel head
INOX bevel head

Perfect guided bearings

Precision manufactured in Europe, precision guided bearings complete the bevel head. With every new bevel head you receive a new guided bearing. The diameter of the BevelMite® guide bearing is 14 mm so that you can already round off holes as small as 16 mm in diameter. With the slightly larger BevelMate® guided bearings, rounding off holes from 22 mm is possible. For chamfering holes you must allow for a few extra millimeters for the diameter of the hole.

Bevel Mate ® Bevel Mite ®
Bevel depth is more than 6 mm:
Bevel depth is less than 6 mm:

Discover the Bevel Mate® concept

The powerful, ergonomic Bevel Mate® concept is highly suitable for more heavy-duty machining and larger projects that require a lot of beveling or rounding. With the Bevel Mate® you can make bevel edges in various angles up to a depth of ½” and you can round up to radius 8 mm.

Discover the Bevel Mite® concept

The Bevel Mite® concept is compact and lightweight. Specially designed for quick beveling and rounding of sheets, holes and smaller workpieces. With the Bevel Mite® you can make beveled edges up to a depth of ¼” in various angles and rounded edges up to radius 4mm.

Discover the INOX Series

We proudly present our INOX platform: the first ever hand tools on the market for reworking stainless steel edges. They are available in different shapes and sizes: electric, pneumatic, for smaller and larger projects. This way, you will always find the perfect solution for your project.

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