Bevel Mite®

Easily make an accurate beveled or rounded edge on metal.

Lightweight tools to make a beveled edge or radius on metal

In short, the Bevel Mite® concept excels in lighter beveling, up to 6 mm, and rounding tasks. This option offers cost-efficiency without compromising on quality, making it the ideal selection not only for users but also for colleagues, project managers, procurement teams, directors, and owners. By choosing the Bevel Mite® concept, your company is ready for the future.

Why you should use the Bevel Mite machines

Discover the three machines

Bevel Mite® EBI 3.0

This is the latest version of the Bevel Mite® EBI electric tool. This tool has enough strength to apply a bevel up to 6mm and is perfect for radii of 2mm, 3mm or 4mm. This angled tool weights only 2.46 kg and vibrations are hardly noticeable when using it. All available Bevel Mite® 6mm cutters can be used in the EBI 3.0

Bevel Mite® ABIS-R 3.0

The ABIS-R stands as the most fundamental model within Beveltools’ pneumatic range. This versatile tool boasts a speed that renders it perfect for creating radii of 2mm, 3mm, or 4mm. Additionally, it’s well-suited for generating small chamfers of up to ±2.5 mm and for precision deburring tasks. Weighing just 1.07 kg and featuring a compact design, it can be comfortably operated single-handed, making it an excellent choice for working on smaller objects and holes. Furthermore, this tool is compatible with all Bevel Mite® cutters, ensuring flexibility and adaptability for various applications.

Bevel Mite® ABIS-B 3.0

The pneumatic Bevel Mite® ABIS-B is the larger sibling of the ABIS-R. This tool boasts increased power and features an internal ‘governor’ that allows for precise speed and power adjustments. As a result, the ABIS-B offers greater versatility than the ABIS-R and is capable of achieving roundings of up to 4mm and bevels of up to 6mm. Despite its enhanced capabilities, the ABIS-B remains lightweight at just 1.13 kg, allowing for one-handed operation. This characteristic makes it an excellent choice for working on smaller objects or holes. Additionally, the ABIS-B is fully compatible with all Bevel Mite® 6mm cutters, ensuring flexibility in your machining tasks.

More information about the Beveltools products?

Take a look at the Bevel Mite® machines in action

The benefits of the Bevel Mite® concept

Lightweight and handheld beveling machines for metal

Faster weld preparation, beveling and rounding

Solid carbide bevel heads with long service life

Consistent and high quality results

Minimum physical effort

Safe and healthier working

Compact, handheld beveling tools

Are you looking for an easy solution to create beveled edges or rounded edges on steel or aluminum? Beveltools offers lightweight, powerful tools to get the job done fast!

Various bevel heads

Three types of bevel heads have been developed for the Bevel Mite® concept. Suitable for rounding, weld preparation and beveling of a wide range of metals.

Bevel head 3.0

For the stronger types of construction steel, plasma-/ laser cut steel, >S355

Bevel head Aluminum

For all non-ferrous metals but also for plastics such as Polycarbonate, HDPE, LDPE, carbon composite et cetera.

Bevel head INOX

Special cutters for stainless steel. Works best with dedicated Beveltools INOX tools

The Bevel Mite® versions offers unique features:

A precise depth adjustment in 0,125 mm increments.

The new external ‘spindle locking button’ makes changing the bevel head even simpler and quicker.

A rotating flange head.

Experience how it works!

Try our machines and bevel heads during a live demonstration. We will show you how the machines work and of course you can try it yourself!