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At BevelTools, we are proud to present a comprehensive range of high quality bevel tools designed to meet all your precision bevel and rounding needs for metal.

Simple and cost-effective metal machining

Faster weld preparation, chamfering and rounding

Light and compact beveling machines for metal

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Experience a new solution for weld edge preparation, chamfering, and metal rounding through our cutting-edge machines and advanced carbide bevel heads. Streamlining processes for unmatched efficiency and easy working.

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Rounding metal has never been this quick and accurate. Making a perfectly rounded edge on metal can be challenging when you don't have the correct machines. With Beveltools you can create a rounded edge in one pass. Experience unprecedented speed and accuracy in metal rounding.

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Effortless beveling for metal.

Crafting a beveled edge on metal is now a swift and straightforward process. Achieving the ideal bevel for your workpiece before welding has traditionally been a time-intensive task. Beveltools offers a rapid and efficient solution, enabling you to effortlessly create a flawless bevel in a single pass.

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Crafting beveled welding edges or rounded edges on stainless steel has its challenges. The Beveltools Inox product range, however, streamlines the process, allowing you to effortlessly create bevels or radii in just a few simple steps.

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More benefits

The fastest and easiest way for milling metal

Create a beveled or rounded edge on your workpiece in one pass

Suitable for large and small plates, sheets, pipes and holes

Lightweight, compact and handheld beveling machines

Various types metal cutter heads for a beveled edge or radius

Solid carbide bevel heads with long service life

Perfect results: consistent quality and no need for finishing

Bevel without particulates and sparks for better working conditions

Hardly any vibration noticeable so protect your staff against HAVS

What do others say?

Roweko says:

“For me, the time savings are a big advantage. With Beveltools I make a weld edge or radius in one movement, without finishing. Grinding discs take you much longer and the end result is never as tight as with Bevel Tools.”

Roweko (Nootdorp, The Netherlands) specialises in making large steel constructions for applications such as bridges or buildings. Roweko uses Beveltools for both beveling and rounding.

Previously, this was always done with an angle grinder and grinding discs. According to René de Kok, owner of Roweko, this is fine but far from the best solution. “Grinding discs produce a lot of dust and it takes a very long time to make a bevel or rounding. It is much faster with Beveltools. After taking a look at the different machines, I opted for the EBI-06 Premium and then later on the EBA-12 for the slightly heavier work.”

René and his colleagues immediately saw the advantages of Beveltools as compared with discs. “For me, the greatest advantages of Beveltools are: how much time they save and how easy they are to work with. With grinding discs, you just take too long to get a good result. Now I take the Beveltools beveling machine and make a bevel or radius with one movement. It works so quickly that a grinding disc simply can’t compare. Finishing is no longer necessary either, which saves a lot of time. I use Beveltools mainly for steel, but they also work brilliantly with plastic,” says René.

Apart from the fact they save time, Roweko is also delighted with the improvement to the work environment. “The chips made by the Beveltools products are relatively large and immediately drop to the ground. We have no more issues with chips flying around and fine dust blown into the air. The machines also make quite a bit less noise.”

Like other metal workers, Roweko often needs to observe the EN-1090 standard. Sharp edges in steel must be rounded before it can be galvanised and/or coated. “Beveltools simply delivers a great result. You would never get such a smooth edge with an angle grinder,” says René. “I recommend Beveltools for any business that regularly has to do rounding or beveling. It is no huge investment either. For a couple of hundred dollars, you have a machine with bevel heads. It saves you so much time that you quickly recoup that investment.”

ConFab says:

“Before we bought the Bevel Mite® ABIS-06, we used a carbide burr. On average it took us 45 seconds to 1"

Located in El Dorado, KS, ConFab Incorporated, part of C-Tech Industrial Group, specializes in custom made pipe and steel construction for commercial, industrial and petrochemical applications.

Jesus Arredondo: “Before we purchased the Bevel Mite® ABIS-06 we were using a bur bit and it would take on average 45 seconds to 1 minute to bevel a 4 cm diameter hole. Now with this tool we are averaging 7 to 10 seconds per hole and that a lot in an 8 hour day.”

Our range of metal milling cutters

Beveltools has solid carbide milling heads for a wide range of metal types and cut edges (laser, autogenous and plasma cut).