Top Edge

Table milling machine with Beveltools bevelheads

Introducing the Beveltools TopEdge

The collaborative effort between Q-Fin and Beveltools has given rise to the innovative TopEdge, a table milling machine featuring a newly developed flange head and adapter by Beveltools.

This versatile machine facilitates swift milling of various radii or weld edges at adjustable angles, offering stepless motor speed control. Its clamping table can be securely affixed in place using either clamps or electromagnets. Designed for user convenience, the machine incorporates a user-friendly two-button ‘safety’ control on the handle, while its built-in castors ensure portability.

The TopEdge is compatible with all available BevelMate® cutters and delivers rapid, precise results, whether you’re working with steel, aluminum, or stainless steel.

Beveltools' TopEdge impression

Specifications of the Beveltools Top Edge

Mobile setup

Standard with welding table hole pattern

Utilize 4 raisable electronic magnets for a fast and effortless workpiece securing solution

1.1 kW motor with frequency control

Workpiece dimensions: width max. 780 mm, length unlimited

Power consumption of the machine: 400 V, 50 Hz, 10 A, 6 kW

Dimensions: 1435 x 1100 x 1510 mm (L x W x H)

Weight: 445 kg

Discover the benefits

Experience how easy it is to bevel metal edges


Despite its substantial weight (approximately 450 kg), the Beveltools TopEdge remains agile, thanks to its castor wheels. This mobility allows you to easily relocate the unit as needed, whether you prefer it in close proximity to where workpieces are being cut or for efficient internal transport time savings.

Ready for MQL


The Beveltools TopEdge includes our specially designed flange head, equipped with MQL (Minimum Quantity Lubrication) technology. This unique feature allows you to apply micro lubrication precisely where the cutting occurs, further enhancing the cutter’s already impressive service life. This option is particularly beneficial for stainless steel projects but is also suitable for other steel types.

Notably, the MQL pump unit and lubricant reservoir are discreetly housed within the table and are seamlessly integrated into the table’s power supply.

The ultimate choice for challenging beveling tasks

To sum it up, the TopEdge concept is the perfect solution for demanding beveling tasks, capable of efficiently handling materials up to 12 mm thick. With the TopEdge table, the need for heavy tool lifting is eliminated, making it an ideal choice for repetitive jobs of any size. By integrating the MQL concept with the Beveltools / Q-Fin table, your company will be well-equipped to tackle future challenges.

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