TEBI 3.0

Edge milling machine with Beveltools bevelheads

TEBI - Inverted Table Cutter

Say goodbye to complex setups and tedious processes. With TEBI, you’re in control of the ultimate metalworking experience. Our innovative design allows you to effortlessly maneuver the workpiece along the Bevel Mite® cutter that rises from the table.

Beveling or rounding a wide range of smaller workpieces, holes, and curved materials, has never been easier. Because you don’t need time to clamp the workpieces, the speed is lightning fast.

No more guesswork

TEBI simplifies your workflow with its user-friendly interface. Select your desired bevel head or radius cutter, adjust speed and depth effortlessly using electronic controls, and smoothly slide your workpiece along the cutter. The result? Perfection in an instant.

Experience precision, efficiency, and ease like never before with TEBI. Elevate your metalworking game and unlock endless possibilities today!

Watch how the compact milling machine works

The features of TEBI

Digital readout

Electric stepless hight adjustment

Uses Bevel Mite cutters up to 6 mm and radius 4mm

Can be used on construction steel, stainless steel and aluminum

Electric, stepless speed setting 3000 – 24000 rpm

Spindle lock

Chip vacuum exit

Setup: Static but can de placed on a table with f.e. castor wheels

Option: Guide bar (nebulizer prepared)

Discover the benefits

TEBI Guide

The TEBI Guide is optional and can be placed on top of the TEBI. The Tebi Guide will give you some extra protection, guidance and is also prepared to combine with a  MQL (Minimum Quantity Lubrication) unit.  This micro lubricating makes cutting even smoother and increases service time of the cutters. Especially advised when cutting stainless steel.


Spare spindle/adapter

The Beveltools TEBI comes standard with the Bevel Mite® adapter. So it can be used with the Bevel MIte® bevel and rounding heads.

In case you want to combine the TEBI with Bevel Mate® cutters, because you are using these with other Beveltools solutions you have purchased before for example, you can buy the larger Bevel Mate® spindle adapater.


  • Speed: 3000 – 24000 rpm
  • Power: 1800 W
  • Voltage: 230 V
  • Dimensions: 45 x 35 x 40 cm
  • Weight: 42 kg

The comfortable choice

In short, the Bevel Mite® TEBI concept is a very good choice for lighter bevel and rounding jobs With the TEBI table, no clamps are required. You simply slide your workpiece along the milling head, with or without the optional TEBI Guide.

You can further expand your setup with a table on casters, a vacuum cleaner or a MQL unit to extend the life of your cutters even more. Your business is ready for the future.

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