Rounding metal

Make a perfect round edge on metal

Rounding off sharp edges with radius cutters

Good and accurate rounding of steel constructions according to EN 1090, ISO 12944, ISO 8501 or IMO PSPC is becoming more and more important in the metal working industry. Rounding edges with minium radius 2 mm is a necessity for good adhesion of coating or paint to protect against corrosion. It is becoming increasingly obvious that this is not the most suitable job for grinding discs and flap discs. Especially not for rounding smaller openings.

Create a smooth rounded edge on metal in one pass

Sharp edges cause poor bonding of paint or coatings due to the limited bonding surface on the edge. This leads to peeling of the paint or coating, which in turn leads to corrosion and makes it necessary to repeat the painting.
Rounding metal with the bevel heads from Beveltools ensure a smooth and consistent rounded edge on sheet, plate, pipe and hole. You can create the perfect, uniform radius with these bevel heads.

This is how easy it is to make a rounded edge on metal

The benefits of working with Beveltools 3.0

Choose the concept that suits you best

Bevel Mate® concept Bevel Mite® concept
Rounding holes, between 5/8” – 7/8” (16 – 22 mm):
Rounding holes larger than 7/8” (22 mm):
You have many meters of metal that require rounding:

Learn more about the Bevel Mate® 3.0 tools

The powerful, ergonomic Bevel Mate® concept is highly suitable for more heavy-duty machining and larger projects that require a lot of rounding. With Bevel Mate® you can make rounded edges from radius 2 mm up to radius 8 mm.

Learn more about the Bevel Mite® 3.0 tools

The Bevel Mite® concept is compact and lightweight. Specially designed for quick rounding of sheets, pipes and holes. With Bevel Mite® you can make rounded edges in radius 2, 3 or 4 mm.

Solid carbide radius cutters for metal

The assortment of radius cutters for metal

Beveltools has solid carbide cutters for a wide range of metals. Every type of Beveltools bevel heads has its own characteristics, making them more or less suitable for certain types of metal. Simply change the bevel head to create a different angle or radius, or to bevel a different type of metal. Changing the bevel head only takes a matter of seconds.

For the best end result, it is highly important to choose the right bevel head that is the most suitable for the job at hand. The diagram is a guide for making the right choice.

Cutter type S235 >S355 Plasma/laser cut steel Stainless steel 304 Non-ferrous metals
Steel cutter
Version 3.0 cutter
Aluminum cutter

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