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Goodspeed Steelshop says:

"The introduction of the Beveltools made a world of difference to our production processes. Thanks to this machine, we can now apply aesthetically pleasing radii to our edged parts. This is an effective method to meet the requirements to safely operate Cobots, while making the Cobot robots look nice." Goodspeed Steelshop is working on the production of a Cobot robot designed to place boxes on a pallet at the end of a production process. The manufactory of the Cobot robot uses laser-cut and edged parts that cannot be CNC cut in one piece. It is essential to provide these parts with a radius, which proved challenging with conventional methods. Previously, it was not possible to provide all parts of the Cobot robot with the required radius due to the complexity of the shapes. The solution had to be both aesthetically pleasing and functionally within safety standards, with specific requirements for working with stainless steel and achieving a radius of R4. The Beveltools cutters and machines were introduced to address this challenge. Beveltools made it possible to apply the required radius to laser-cut and edged sheet metal parts. Beveltools is used to machine various angles on the sheet metal parts and apply the desired radius. With follow-up machining, the parts are trimmed with a fibre disc and then finished with a eccentric rotary sander to ensure a tight finish. The final finish is a glass bead blasted for the desired aesthetic appearance. Using the Beveltools cutters provides an aesthetically pleasing finish with an accurate radius, essential for the safety and appearance of the Cobot robot. The solution saves significantly on production time and avoids the need to switch to solid cut boards, which would be more expensive and time-consuming. The machine is specifically adapted to work with stainless steel, which is a key material for the Cobot robot's production. Goodspeed Steelshop expects the Beveltools machines to be of great value in future projects as well. Work is underway to create new applications and models within the Cobot robot line, where Beveltools will play an important role in ensuring the quality and aesthetics of the products.

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MF Emmen says:

“Using the Bevel Mate or Mite® for beveling works beautifully, but for us, its real strength lies in creating radii on metal. The amount of time saved is huge.” MF Emmen regularly works on a challenging projects involving adding various radii of 2, 3, and 5 mm, which is essential for the client. The end products are industrial contructions that are built a way range of industries, from energy to food. MF Emmen shares some details about their methods. Applying these radii is a precise process crucial for the product's quality. Previously, these tasks were done using a grinding tool and other hand tools, a time-consuming process requiring a lot of rework. Now, however, they use the Bevel Mite and Bevel Mate. The difference is substantial: where they used to spend many hours applying curves to metal edges, Beveltools has already saved them about 40 hours on this project. This is a significant time saving, especially for large projects. More projects involving radius 2 roundings are on the horizon. For welding preparation, they use other tools such as a CNC machine and a nibbler. This has greatly accelerated the process and drastically reduced rework. However, not everyone has access to a CNC machine, and it can be a significant investment. MF Emmen works on projects involving more than ten people, where the Bevel Mate and Mite are perfect additions to their workflow. All of this shows that MF Emmen is constantly looking for ways to improve their processes and better serve their clients.

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