Quick Start Manual: Bevel Mite and Bevel Mate

Regardless of whether you are beveling or rounding metal, Beveltools’ innovative patented technology creates a true revolution. Beveltools has developed the Bevel Mite® and Bevel Mate® for you to make beveling and rounding metal easier, faster, more accurate and cheaper. The Bevel Mate® concept has been designed for heavy duty beveling and radius work, beveling up to a depth of 12 mm and is available in 2 models; with a powerful electric (EBA-12) and a powerful pneumatic motor (ABA-12). For lighter beveling and rounding work up to a depth of 6 mm, you use the Bevel Mite® concept. The Bevel Mite® concept is highly compact and manoeuvrable, and is available in 3 super lightweight models; with an electric motor (EBI-06), a pneumatic motor (ABIS-06) or battery (B-EBI-06).