Linssen Yachts says:

“I started looking for a system that would immediately round off the steel without the need for deburring or polishing afterwards. I soon arrived at Beveltools. The machine is light and handy, I can use it anywhere. The Beveltools R3 and R4 cutters we use have a long tool life and can be changed quickly if necessary.” Linssen Yachts from Maasbracht is a family business specialising in the manufacture of steel motor yachts with lengths of between 26 and 50 ft (8 and 15 metres). Linssen Yachts was founded in 1949 and has grown in the Netherlands to become one of the major players in this sector of yacht-building.In the meantime, the company has developed a large sales network all across Europe. The various models of yachts are designed and finished by their own specialists. By producing them in batches and using the best materials and techniques to do so, the steel yachts are of excellent quality. In yacht-building, the finishing is crucial. Peter Zentjes (Production Leader – Hulls) says: “Rounding sharp edges in the hull material is important to ensure that the coating and paint bond well and stay on for a long time. Rounded edges look better to the end user too. By rounding sharp edges with Beveltools, you get a beautiful, smooth, rounded finish.” The Beveltools system is used almost daily in the hull production hall. “Before, we used to weld a tube on the top edge to create the rounding. Then we had to deburr the material from irregularities. This was time-consuming work. I went on the lookout for a system that would create the rounding in the steel without needing deburring and polishing afterwards. I quickly came across Beveltools,” says Peter. The EBA-12 in combination with the Premium bevel head is the perfect solution for Linssen Yachts. “The machine is lightweight and handy. I can use it anywhere. The Beveltools R3 and R4 bevel heads we use have a long service life but are easy to replace when necessary. For us, Beveltools is the ideal method to achieve quick and consistent rounding,” says Peter.

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Jos van den Bersselaar Constructie says:

“The machine with change plates was blunt after only 2-3 uses, so this didn’t work for us. We work a lot with hard materials and laser-cut steel. The Bevel Mate® EBA-12 is really ideal for rounding the holes in workpieces due to the high tool life achieved and the great ease of use.” At Jos van den Bersselaar Constructie B.V. in Udenhout, quality has always been paramount and ultimately it became a specialism: not supplying steel, but solutions. The company specializes in high-performance, lightweight structures made of steel aluminum and stainless steel. Lots of holes have to be rounded in these structures. This rounding should have a constant radius of at least 2 mm, because the workpieces are galvanized and coated. In the past this regularly resulted in major challenges. It cost the company a lot of time and effort to supply the expected high quality using a machine with inserts. After watching a demonstration of the Bevel Mate® EBA-12, they were immediately enthusiastic and a second machine was purchased within six months. This was the perfect solution to their issue. Maarten van de Wouw, CWL: “The machine with inserts would already be blunt after using it 2 to 3 times, so that did not work for us. We work a lot with hard materials and laser-cut steel. The Bevel Mate® EBA-12 is truly ideal for rounding the holes in workpieces because of the long service life and its high level of user-friendliness. We are very happy that we can now supply our high quality to our customers without issues.”

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GS Parts says:

“We are very pleased with the speed at which we now complete. With the Beveltools milling machines we immediately make a nice radius in one movement. The rounding off work is done quickly and that saves me a lot of labor hours. The milling machines are compact and light in use, milling takes little strength.” GS Parts from Groningen, The Netherlands, manufactures various steel parts in its own production location for building inland waterway and seagoing vessels. The ships are manufactured completely under own management, from design to the entire shipbuild in the shipyard. GS Parts uses Beveltools radius heads for rounding sharp edges and small openings. “We are very pleased with the high speed with which we can make a rounded edge. By using the Beveltools cutters, you create a smooth radius instantly and in one pass. Rounding is completed quickly and that saves me many working hours”, says Erwin Klein, construction foreman at GS Parts. The company started using Beveltools in 2015 and the beveling machines are still always kept within reach in the workplace. In addition to the high speed, GS Parts also mentions the benefits of the handy machines. Erwin explains: “the beveling tools are ergonomic and lightweight, milling costs little physical effort. In the past we also tried machines with carbide inserts. Machining was much heavier, the inserts often broke and the machines broke down quickly. After that, we started using Beveltools and we really experience the benefits of this quick, fast beveling concept.”

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NG Shipyards says:

“Already during the demonstration of the Beveltools products we became excited at seeing the flawless end result. We have been working with the Bevel Mite® ABIS-06 for some time now and are very satisfied with it.” The employees of Next Generation Shipyards are known as builders of seaworthy workboats. All ships of NG Shipyards are built to certification under strict requirements, including the quality of welding. To meet the required quality, good weld preparation is needed. For paint applications, the rounding of sharp edges is necessary. These edges are also rounded to prevent injury and make the look more pleasing to the eye. Dirk Keizer, project manager and member of the management team: “During the demonstration of the Beveltools products we became enthusiastic, seeing the impeccable end result. We have been working with the Bevel Mite® ABIS-06 for a while now and we are very pleased with it. It helps us to raise our quality level, saving us time and money. It was definitely worth trading the grinding disc for this machine.”

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Mezodo Konstruktie says:

“The beauty of the Beveltools system is that with one router you can round off a lot of meters in one go. Besides the easy application, it also saves me a lot of labor hours. Before, one of my employees was sometimes busy for a whole day rounding off the work, now it is only half a day, so I can also use him for other activities.” Mezodo has various machinery and produces all kinds of steel constructions for its customers, from individual parts to complete agricultural machinery. In many cases it is important to remove sharp edges and burrs from the workpieces; for safety but also for better adhesion of coating on the edges. Mezodo uses Bevel Mate® EBA-12 with R6 and R8 cutters to create the rounded edges. Henk Nijland, production planner at Mezodo, explains why they chose Beveltools: “in the past, to make large radii, we first used a nibbler to make a bevel. Then we took an angle grinder to round those edges. This method worked reasonably well, but it was physically demanding and very time-consuming. Besides, it costed me a lot of grinding discs. That’s why we started looking for a different method. Searching the Internet, we came across Beveltools.” The benefits quickly became clear during the demonstration: rounding with Beveltools ensures perfect results and saves a lot of time. “The great thing about the Beveltools concept is that you can round many feet in a row with one single radius cutter. Fortunately, we no longer need the two heavy machines and grinding discs. In addition to the easy usage, it also saves me a lot of working hours because now I immediately get the desired end result. In the past, one of my employees sometimes spent an entire day making rounded edges, now it takes him only half a day to finish the job and he has time to take on other work”, says Henk.

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Metalworker region Utrecht says:

“For a large project we had to round off many meters of R3 according to standard NEN-EN 1090. I came into contact with Beveltools and immediately switched from inserts to this system after seeing the unique milling head. The Beveltools steel milling cutters lasted 2 to 2.5 times longer than a set of inserts. When Beveltools drew our attention to the Premium cutter, we started using it after its introduction. We were able to round over 200 meters with one Premium ball nose end mill. That is 4 times as much as a set of inserts lasted!” A metalworking company from the Utrecht region used Beveltools' milling tools in a large project. They produced various steel components for high-voltage pylons for a client. These high-voltage pylons, ranging in height from 55 to 75 meters, were recently installed in various locations, including the nearby area. The manager explains, "For the client, we supplied steel components for the electricity pylons. These included a large number of connecting rings, lifting eyes, partitions, supports, and fastening points used for the pylons." Because these are load-bearing steel structures that undergo galvanization, all components must have CE certification according to NEN-EN 1090. This standard specifies the technical requirements for the final steel products. One aspect of this standard requires that edges be rounded with a minimum radius of 2 to provide a better surface for coating adhesion. "The connecting rings had to be rounded according to the EN 1090 standard. We chose to do this with a radius of 3 for a more polished finish. The largest connecting ring had a diameter of 2.5 meters, so there were a lot of meters to round. I looked for a system that could round with a radius of 3 quickly and cost-effectively. We had very little experience with rounding, but for this project, we delved into it and decided to purchase a machine," said the manager. The machine needed to be compact, easy to operate, and cost-effective for use in smaller projects afterward. Initially, the company opted for a system with replaceable inserts. Unfortunately, the replaceable inserts did not meet expectations. The promised tool life was not achieved, and the inserts had to be changed too frequently. "Turning the inserts took up a lot of time, and because they are fragile, they often broke before we could use all the cutting edges. The work took longer and was much more expensive than I had anticipated. That's when I got in touch with Beveltools and immediately switched to their system after seeing the unique milling head. Beveltools' steel cutters lasted 2 to 2.5 times longer for us than a set of replaceable inserts. When Beveltools introduced us to the premium cutter, we started using it. With one premium radius cutter, we could round over 200 meters, which is four times more than a set of replaceable inserts could handle!" (note: Premium cutters have been replaced in the meantime by even better version 3.0 cutters) A significant advantage for the metalworker is that Beveltools' cutters are one-piece, making changing the cutter a breeze. With the many cutting edges on the cutter, the machining process went very smoothly. "With Beveltools' cutters, we were able to complete the rounding work within the deadline and at favorable operating costs. The client was very pleased with the result."

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ConFab says:

“Before we bought the Bevel Mite® ABIS-06, we used a carbide burr. On average it took us 45 seconds to 1" Located in El Dorado, KS, ConFab Incorporated, part of C-Tech Industrial Group, specializes in custom made pipe and steel construction for commercial, industrial and petrochemical applications. Jesus Arredondo: “Before we purchased the Bevel Mite® ABIS-06 we were using a bur bit and it would take on average 45 seconds to 1 minute to bevel a 4 cm diameter hole. Now with this tool we are averaging 7 to 10 seconds per hole and that a lot in an 8 hour day.”

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Roweko says:

“For me, the time savings are a big advantage. With Beveltools I make a weld edge or radius in one movement, without finishing. Grinding discs take you much longer and the end result is never as tight as with Bevel Tools.” Roweko (Nootdorp, The Netherlands) specialises in making large steel constructions for applications such as bridges or buildings. Roweko uses Beveltools for both beveling and rounding. Previously, this was always done with an angle grinder and grinding discs. According to René de Kok, owner of Roweko, this is fine but far from the best solution. “Grinding discs produce a lot of dust and it takes a very long time to make a bevel or rounding. It is much faster with Beveltools. After taking a look at the different machines, I opted for the EBI-06 Premium and then later on the EBA-12 for the slightly heavier work.” René and his colleagues immediately saw the advantages of Beveltools as compared with discs. “For me, the greatest advantages of Beveltools are: how much time they save and how easy they are to work with. With grinding discs, you just take too long to get a good result. Now I take the Beveltools beveling machine and make a bevel or radius with one movement. It works so quickly that a grinding disc simply can’t compare. Finishing is no longer necessary either, which saves a lot of time. I use Beveltools mainly for steel, but they also work brilliantly with plastic,” says René. Apart from the fact they save time, Roweko is also delighted with the improvement to the work environment. “The chips made by the Beveltools products are relatively large and immediately drop to the ground. We have no more issues with chips flying around and fine dust blown into the air. The machines also make quite a bit less noise.” Like other metal workers, Roweko often needs to observe the EN-1090 standard. Sharp edges in steel must be rounded before it can be galvanised and/or coated. “Beveltools simply delivers a great result. You would never get such a smooth edge with an angle grinder,” says René. “I recommend Beveltools for any business that regularly has to do rounding or beveling. It is no huge investment either. For a couple of hundred dollars, you have a machine with bevel heads. It saves you so much time that you quickly recoup that investment.”

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