Practical experience – Jos van den Bersselaar Constructie B.V.

At Jos van den Bersselaar Constructie B.V. in Udenhout, quality has always been paramount and ultimately it became a specialism: not supplying steel, but solutions. The company specializes in high-performance, lightweight structures made of steel aluminum and stainless steel.

Lots of holes have to be rounded in these structures. This rounding should have a constant radius of at least 2 mm, because the workpieces are galvanized and coated. In the past this regularly resulted in major challenges. It cost the company a lot of time and effort to supply the expected high quality using a machine with inserts.

After watching a demonstration of the Bevel Mate® EBA-12, they were immediately enthusiastic and a second machine was purchased within six months. This was the perfect solution to their issue.

Maarten van de Wouw, CWL: “The machine with inserts would already be blunt after using it 2 to 3 times, so that did not work for us. We work a lot with hard materials and laser-cut steel. The Bevel Mate® EBA-12 is truly ideal for rounding the holes in workpieces because of the long service life and its high level of user-friendliness. We are very happy that we can now supply our high quality to our customers without issues.”


Our Beveling Machines

beveling metal chamfering machine

The powerful, ergonomic Bevel Mate® concept is highly suitable for more heavy-duty machining and larger projects that require a lot of beveling or rounding. With the Bevel Mate® you can make bevel edges in various angles up to a depth of ½” and you can round up to radius 8 mm.

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The Bevel Mite® concept is compact and lightweight. Specially designed for quick beveling and rounding of sheets, holes and smaller workpieces. With the Bevel Mite® you can make beveled edges up to a depth of ¼” in various angles and rounded edges up to radius 4mm.

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Bevel tools

We proudly present our INOX platform: the first ever hand tools on the market for reworking stainless steel edges. They are available in different shapes and sizes: electric, pneumatic, for smaller and larger projects. This way, you will always find the perfect solution for your project.

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