Metalworker region Utrecht says:

“For a large project we had to round off many meters of R3 according to standard NEN-EN 1090. I came into contact with Beveltools and immediately switched from inserts to this system after seeing the unique milling head. The Beveltools steel milling cutters lasted 2 to 2.5 times longer than a set of inserts. When Beveltools drew our attention to the Premium cutter, we started using it after its introduction. We were able to round over 200 meters with one Premium ball nose end mill. That is 4 times as much as a set of inserts lasted!”

A metalworking company from the Utrecht region used Beveltools' milling tools in a large project. They produced various steel components for high-voltage pylons for a client. These high-voltage pylons, ranging in height from 55 to 75 meters, were recently installed in various locations, including the nearby area.

The manager explains, "For the client, we supplied steel components for the electricity pylons. These included a large number of connecting rings, lifting eyes, partitions, supports, and fastening points used for the pylons." Because these are load-bearing steel structures that undergo galvanization, all components must have CE certification according to NEN-EN 1090. This standard specifies the technical requirements for the final steel products. One aspect of this standard requires that edges be rounded with a minimum radius of 2 to provide a better surface for coating adhesion.

"The connecting rings had to be rounded according to the EN 1090 standard. We chose to do this with a radius of 3 for a more polished finish. The largest connecting ring had a diameter of 2.5 meters, so there were a lot of meters to round. I looked for a system that could round with a radius of 3 quickly and cost-effectively. We had very little experience with rounding, but for this project, we delved into it and decided to purchase a machine," said the manager. The machine needed to be compact, easy to operate, and cost-effective for use in smaller projects afterward. Initially, the company opted for a system with replaceable inserts.

Unfortunately, the replaceable inserts did not meet expectations. The promised tool life was not achieved, and the inserts had to be changed too frequently. "Turning the inserts took up a lot of time, and because they are fragile, they often broke before we could use all the cutting edges. The work took longer and was much more expensive than I had anticipated. That's when I got in touch with Beveltools and immediately switched to their system after seeing the unique milling head. Beveltools' steel cutters lasted 2 to 2.5 times longer for us than a set of replaceable inserts. When Beveltools introduced us to the premium cutter, we started using it. With one premium radius cutter, we could round over 200 meters, which is four times more than a set of replaceable inserts could handle!" (note: Premium cutters have been replaced in the meantime by even better version 3.0 cutters)

A significant advantage for the metalworker is that Beveltools' cutters are one-piece, making changing the cutter a breeze. With the many cutting edges on the cutter, the machining process went very smoothly. "With Beveltools' cutters, we were able to complete the rounding work within the deadline and at favorable operating costs. The client was very pleased with the result."